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This website was created to get an inside look of the communities surrounding San Lucas, Tolimán. It was created by Cabrini University graduate, Angelina Capozzi. The photos were taken by her in February of 2020. 


"San Lucas has a special place in my heart. My first trip to Guatemala was a school immersion trip to San Lucas. I wrote stories about the amazing people I met and what I saw while I was there. When I got back home I was upset and knew I had to go back. A year later I traveled back Guatemala to start this website photography project. It is hard for me to explain what it is like being in the communities and exactly how I was feeling, which is why photography is so powerful to me. When people are looking at my photos I want people to see what I saw. I saw beauty, passion, pain and so much more."


The Mission:

The Minnesota-based nonprofit Friends of San Lucas funds the work of the San Lucas Mission, run by 100+ Guatemalan staff members. Together, Friends of San Lucas and the San Lucas Mission impact the lives of more than 25,000 Guatemalans each year. To learn more about the Friends of San Lucas and the San Lucas Mission, click here.


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