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This interactive map shows the 16 communities that compose the municipality of San Lucas Tolimán, Sololá, Guatemala. This map was created to introduce the communities served by the San Lucas Mission, which provides housing, healthcare, education, and other services to improve the lives of people experiencing poverty. 


The Minnesota-based nonprofit Friends of San Lucas funds the work of the San Lucas Mission, run by 100+ Guatemalan staff members. Together, Friends of San Lucas and the San Lucas Mission impact the lives of more than 25,000 Guatemalans each year. To learn more about the Friends of San Lucas and the San Lucas Mission, click here.

Each year, the Mission works in the communities building houses and stoves, buying coffee and providing healthcare.  On each community page you will find the most recent statistics regarding the work of the Mission.


To collect these histories, we had conversations with leaders from each community. We edited their comments for clarity, but tried to retain their voice. To learn about the communities we serve, explore the map below by clicking on the stars.


finca = plantation

comunidades = communities

comunidades con iglesia = communities with a church

parcelas y proyectos = projects and less-developed land

hospital parroquial = parochial hospital

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